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09/04/2013PortalProdigy's Product Catalog In Details - Product Catalog is a feature helps you to display, demonstrate and sell your organization’s products online.
08/06/2013PortalProdigy's Shopping Cart Feature - PortalProdigy offers a full featured shopping cart and checkout process.
10/19/2012PortalProdigy's New Page Caching Dramatically Improves Website Performance - Portal Prodigy, Inc. has added page caching to its PortalProdigy Internet Operating Platform. Page caching dramatically improves website performance by loading web pages faster.
12/03/2011Create a Quiz with Automated Scoring - PortalProdigy releases Automated Scoring for Tests and Quizzes in version 5.16
01/23/2011PortalProdigy Enhances Survey & Request Management Features - Everything you need to buld forms and manage requests.
08/16/2010Advocates for Children of New Jersey Gets New Look - Portal Prodigy assists Advocates for Children of New Jersey in giving their website a face lift.
04/12/2010Major Enhancements in Version 4.43 - PortalProdigy receives major enhancements. Read the article for full details.
01/25/2010PortalProdigy Adds New File Uploader - PortalProdigy makes uploading files to your website easier.
09/16/2009PortalProdigy Adds Google Site Maps - PortalProdigy adds Google Site Maps to help drive more traffic to your website and increase search engine rankings.
03/18/2008PortalProdigy Enhances Exchange Feature - Enhancements include the ability to attach files to exchange listings, customize exchange searches, customize the layout of exchange forms, and more field selections.
08/10/2007Portal Prodigy, Inc. Wins Project from New Jersey State Judiciary - Administrative Office of the Court of the State of New Jersey selected Portal Prodigy's Internet Operating Platform for the development of the New Jersey Child Placement Advisory Committee (NJCPAC) website.
08/05/2007Portal Prodigy Adds Advanced Data Import Capability - New enhancements allow Portal Prodigy Platform Owners to import products, documents, and exchange records.
07/29/2007Portal Prodigy, Inc. Search Optimization Made Easy - New search optimization features added to Portal Prodigy Platform
07/12/2007Fully Customizable Styles Now Available with Portal Prodigy - Users, knowledgeable in HTML, can now customize any of the standard templates as well as create entirely new ones.
06/20/2007Portal Prodigy Adds Support for On-the-Fly Currency Change - Portal Prodigy's Operating Platform allows customers to view prices in any currency they select.
06/07/2007Portal Prodigy's Improved Contact Management Feature Benefits from Use of AJAX Technology - AJAX technology is used to retrieve and update data without requiring the entire Contact Management page to be refreshed.  This gives it the feel of a desktop application, substantially improving the user experience. 
05/12/2007Portal Prodigy Announces Sales & Opportunity Management Feature - Portal Prodigy owners can now manage prospecting and sales activities online, from lead generation to closing.
05/03/2007Portal Prodigy Adds Support for PayPal Payment Pro - PortalProdigy websites can now take advantage of PayPal’s Payment Pro to accept major credit cards online.
04/07/2007Portal Prodigy, Inc. Provides More Graphic Control to Individual Web Pages - Non-technical users can quickly customize the style and content of a pages’ header, footer, side bars, menus, and main content section.
03/01/2007Customize Your PortalProdigy Templates - PortalProdigy adds template customization.
02/10/2007PortalProdigy Announces Document Version Management & Approval Processing
01/15/2007Portal Prodigy, Inc. Adds "Request a Quote" to Pricing Options for Online Catalogs - Newly added Product Catalog pricing options allows websites to display a “Request Quote” option in lieu of a price."
11/11/2006Portal Prodigy Advances Event and Class Manager - Significant enhancements have been added to the Events and Class Manager based on user feedback.
10/15/2006Web Traffic Analysis Added to Portal Prodigy - Log files provide useful information about the source of visitors to Portal Prodigy customer's websites and the pages they visit.
10/05/2006Portal Prodigy Adds Advanced Data Import Capability - PortalProdigy adds the ability to create custom queries to update data, view data, and report on data.
09/12/2006PortalProdigy Announces Major Enhancements to its E-Commerce and Web Portal System
05/31/2005Portal Prodigy, Inc Announces New Feature – Product Comparison -  The latest addition to the company's operating platform is a product comparison feature. 
03/23/2005Portal Prodigy, Inc Announces Independent Value Added Partner Recruitment Program - Portal Prodigy begins a campaign to inform entrepreneurial Business Consultants, Website Developers and other related prospects of its opportunity to partner in the sales, distribution, support and development of its internet operating platform.
01/10/2005Portal Prodigy, Inc Announces New Feature – Help Desk - Portal Prodigy announces the addition of "Help Desk" to the line of features provided by its Internet Interaction Management System.
09/27/2004Portal Prodigy Announces New Feature - Online Donations - The Donations feature allows online acceptance and processing of donations.
08/12/2004Portal Prodigy, Inc Announce Fulfillment Feature Enhancements - PortalProdigy now provides the option, where applicable, to decide when orders should be considered fulfilled for purposes of recording sales transactions, creating invoice dates, and settling credit card charges.
07/29/2004Portal Prodigy, Inc Announces New Feature – Paid Product Download - New feature provides ability so sell and deliver software, manuals, music, video and more with instant product download.
07/15/2004Portal Prodigy, Inc Announces New Feature – Ask the Expert - This capability to build a Skills Inventory Resource Network provides our clients with a partnering opportunity that exceeds all others.
07/08/2004Advanced Natural Query Added to its MSWord to Help Mini-Web Builder - New utility is available to all PortalProdigy customers and converts manuals written in Microsoft Word's DOC format into mini websites that are searchable using natural language queries as well as browsed via the table of contents.
06/28/2004Portal Prodigy, Inc Announces Its New Support Center is Now Online - Portal Prodigy Support Center now available from home page.
06/18/2004Portal Prodigy, Inc Announces Enhancements to Discussions Feature - With new enhancements, discussion groups may be differentiated and privatized, discussion archives can be quickly searched and visitors may follow discussion threads from the point of match and discussion participants can use the link tool to include hype
06/10/2004NonProfits Only, Inc Integrates Salesmaker Into NNEMS - NNEMS takes on new power with salesmaker integration.
06/06/2004NonProfits Only, Inc Announces Name Change - More than a name change. We are now Portal Prodigy, Inc.
03/01/2004NonProfits Only, Inc and Brolin Corporation Announce Planned Product Merger - Brolin Corporation and NonProfits Only, Inc. announced today their intention to combine their companies' Internet Interaction Management and Enterprise Management software applications into one product called "PortalProdigy"
01/15/2004Membership Enhancements - Membership Feature now provides an even higher degree of system flexibility for offering, promoting, signing-up and managing members online.
12/15/2003Events Feature - Members, employees, vendors, customers and community can now review event calendar, signup and pay – all online with greater flexibility than ever before
08/04/2003SalesAnimals Selects SalesMaker - Excited to offer a website that meets the unique needs of sales professionals and employers seeking to hire them
07/15/2003SalesMaker and NNEMS Surveys and Interview Feature Enhanced - We've made it quick and easy for users of SalesMaker and NNEMS to conduct surveys, qualification exams or interviews over the web.
06/03/2003NNEMS Legislative and Regulatory Calls to Action Feature - NNEMS users can now rapidly mobilize constituents into a focused force.
04/15/2003Payments Feature - Accept online payments for event registration, donations, product purchases, subscriptions and membership dues.
03/26/2003SalesMaker Implemented By Major Job Search Dot Com - Brolin developed specialized components to process and manage Candidate Seekers unique ad publising process, that are fully integrated within Brolin's exsiting framework.
03/12/2003Statements Feature - Universal method for creating and printing customer statements, displaying account activity for the various transactions supported by SalesMaker
02/27/2003Invoicing Feature Enhanced - Invoicing Feature now provides a universal method for creating and printing invoices for all transactions supported by SalesMaker
02/12/2003Contacts Database Enhanced - Engine allows software clients to maintain detailed records on individual contacts such as prospects, customers, members, employees, etc.
02/10/2003Order Fulfillment - Fulfill orders for products as well as events, exchanges, membership and press releases.
01/15/2003Salemaker Demos Significant Enhancements - Advanced Products Catalog Feature allows user organizations to display, demonstrate and sell their products online.
12/23/2002Transaction Management System Upgraded - New transaction engine is extremely flexible. It gives small businesses powerful business processing that can be accessed from virtually anywhere at anytime.
11/18/2002Exchanges Feature Implemented - NonProfits Only, Inc. announced today beta testing of its Exchanges Engine.
07/19/2002SalesMaker Gets Sticky Notes - The latest addition to SalesMaker is a Sticky Notes feature, that allows you to attach notes to your data records. This includes attaching notes to contacts, orders, and inventory items. You
04/19/2002Publication Management Feature Advanced - NNEMS provides a publishing facility which fosters the regular publication of newsletters, releases, briefs, reviews, etc. with consistent format from issue to issue.
02/22/2002Press Release Management Made Easy - Press Release Manager makes it easy for authorized visitors to contact the News Media with pertinent public relation information and announcements
12/28/2001Resource Mini Browser - New Resource Mini Browser allows NNEMS users to include a resource content section on the Home Page -- formatted and graphically enhanced lists and links to Resources
12/19/2001Directories Function Completed - NNEMS users can now quickly create public contact directories for an unlimited number of categories such as Board of Directors, Members, Users, Experts, Media Contacts, Service Technicians, Sales Reps, etc.
11/27/2001NNEMS Multiple Chapter Option - NNEMS system has new 'Chapter and Parent Site Synchronization' feature
10/26/2001NonProfits Only, Inc Announces Broadcast Enhancement - Broadcast Engine now provides a facility for client organizations to customize and export online contact data to their workstations for use in database and mail-merge applications.
09/07/2001Brock Miller Announces News Management - NNEMS users can now keep members, staff, customers, vendors and investors up to date on the latest news affecting their organization.
09/01/2001Non Profits Only, Inc. Formation Agreement Signed Today - Non Profits Only, Inc. has been established to provide services and software applications to nonprofit organizations and those who administer them.
08/07/2001Discussions Feature Online - NNEMS users can now post messages and comments, others follow up with replies.
07/12/2001Document Management - NNEMS Resource Library can be used for storage and retrieval of Best Practices, Operation Manuals, Tutorial Guides, Technical Specifications, CAD Drawings, Schematics, Spreadsheets, White Papers, Case Studies, Pictures, Agreements, Contracts, Forms, Marke
04/16/2001Association for Children of New Jersey Implements Cutting Edge Nonprofit Software - ACNJ officials plan to implement a web based legal support center using partner’s software