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Non Profits Only, Inc. Formation Agreement Signed Today

Posted on 9/1/2001


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Non Profits Only, Inc. Formation Agreement Signed Today

Robbinsville, NJ -- Sep 1, 2001 --  Non Profits Only, Inc. (NPO) has been established to provide services and software applications to nonprofit organizations and those who administer them. NPO’s launch product, The NPO Nonprofit Enterprise Management System (NNEMS), is a web server based software application, which allows users to execute most nonprofit organization management and administrative activities from Internet browsers located anywhere. Within hours of purchase, any organization can establish a powerful management system and Internet presence and be broadcasting press releases, signing up members and constituents, collecting dues, advertising products, taking orders, advocating issues, lobbying government representatives, holding discussions, announcing events, delivering news, exchanging job notices and job candidates, providing advice from their knowledgebase, soliciting donations, scheduling meetings, booking resources, and conducting surveys  all for less than $4,000. The system is designed around the very specific needs of trade associations, churches, temples, clubs, volunteer emergency services, advocacies, tenant associations, amateur sporting teams, leagues, professional societies, foundations, civic organizations, parent teacher associations, public libraries, art and theater groups, political parties, action committees, unions, alumni institutions, youth groups, schools and scouts. Acceptance of NPO’s software product immediately positions NPO to sell its secondary product offering, NPO Administrative, Management and Support Services (NAMSS), which are made extremely efficient and low cost through the use of NNEMS. This plan concerns the development of those products and their introduction into the U.S. nonprofit sector.

The nonprofit sector in the USA is a half trillion dollar entity. The majority of existing nonprofit organizations are relatively young, formed after 1970. Many acknowledge their need to harness the power of modern computer systems in order to stay relevant to their members and constituents, efficient and competitive. However, most are discovering that the development and operation of modern software applications by volunteers or nonspecifically trained professionals is a demanding endeavor generally beyond their expertise. Responding to that challenge, NPO intends to provide a systematic software driven approach to managing, administering and supporting typical nonprofit functions in a highly efficient, quality consistent and cost effective manner using contract staff and its proprietary software application. Some of these advantages may be protected by patents licensed to NPO by the founders, patents to be filed, and patents pending and shall be further prolonged by brand name, domain name ownership, proprietary software, systems lockin, economies of scale, continued software development and reputation.

NPO’s business model is based on a recurring revenue strategy with significant lock-in leverage. In return for efficiency, higher quality, increased value to membership and constituents, and low cost, the customer organization converts many of its operating protocols to NPO’s standards. The NNEMS application is licensed by the customer on an annual basis and hosting server services are paid by the customer quarterly. As customers use NNEMS to operate their organizations, their data, content and operating procedures are organized into a format specified to the functionality of NNEMS and porting complexities make switching to a competing system prohibitive. NPO’s secondary offering, NAMSS, shall provide NPO with monthly revenue streams from participating customers based on contract projects paid on an hourly basis and annual contract commitments that include: an annual fixed contract fee or hourly billing for contract staff paid in monthly increments and increased at specified membership increase thresholds; incentive based contingency fees; and project services fees for such things as printing, broadcast faxing, etc. NAMSS shall advance its customer organizations to higher levels of competitiveness, efficiency and market share while making NPO an integral part of the customer organization’s operation and the chief producer of the customer’s value added components. Once NPO is entrenched, it shall be difficult for customer organizations to eliminate NPO’s participation without suffering significant cultural and operating upheaval.

Essentially, NPO’s business is a hybrid of the Software Development, Application Service Provider and Contract Staffing business models. The synergy of this hybrid results in a highly effective and economical solution to challenges facing nonprofits today and into the future.

NPO plans to market its products and services to over one and a half million nonprofit organizations in the United States. Rather than a shotgun approach, NPO plans to target one or two precise segments at a time. For reasons explained later, NPO plans to initially target the trade association category, which numbers over one hundred thousand entities. Within the trade association category, NPO is presently targeting personnel consulting associations and business principal and entrepreneur associations. NPO’s secondary market targets include units of the over three hundred twenty five different Protestant sects, especially the small independent congregations; the tens of thousands of volunteer fire and volunteer emergency groups located in municipalities throughout the nation; and advocacy groups.

NNEMS operates resident on servers under the control of Non Profits Only, Inc. (NPO) in what is commonly known as the Application Service Provider (ASP) model. Such a strategy provides several advantages including quick and easy upgrades, enhanced security, significant lowering of end user related costs, protection from pirating, recurring revenues to NPO in the form of hosting fees, training and help desk support, and highly reliable customer support. In an effort to minimize investor risk and increase marketing flexibility, NPO has selected a software architecture that allows for the application to be distributed as a standalone product installable by customers on Microsoft Windows based servers should NPO decide to do so. At the present time NPO does not project marketing the software as a standalone application.

Through a strategic partnership, software design and coding of NNEMS is performed by Brolin Corporation under the supervision of James B. Miller in California, a cofounder of Non Profits Only, Inc. Brolin Corporation’s fourteen programmers produce computer code in Bulgaria. Programming in Bulgaria instead of the U.S. reduces development expenses by eighty percent.

The Non Profits Only, Inc. Founding team consists of Stephen M. Reuning, James B. Miller, Dr. Andrey Pavlov and Nicole Bakos.

Stephen M. Reuning is an entrepreneur, whose successes include: founding an Inc.500 ranked company (Diedre Moire Corporation); developing one of the first UNIX based multiuser software applications for the recruiting industry (Placement Power); founding the New Jersey chapter of the Young Entrepreneurs’ Organization; and achieving a US Patent with others pending. He served on three nonprofit boards including two years as an executive board member of the Thomas A. Edison Council of the Boy Scouts of America, six years serving New Jersey Young Entrepreneurs’ Organization on its board as a trustee and as its president, and five years serving the MidAtlantic Association of Personnel Consultants on its board and presently as its president. Stephen brings a total of twentytwo years of organization building and company management experience.

Mr. Miller cofounded Brolin Corporation in 1994 and is Chief architect for Brolin Corporation’s products, including custom projects for clients. He brings a total of 18 years experience in software development and systems consulting. Prior to Brolin Corporation, Mr. Miller founded ACR (Advanced Computer Resources), a consulting firm specializing in accounting, finance and database applications. He holds a B.S. from University of Southern California, Business School, Entrepreneur Program.

Dr. Andrey Pavlov cofounded Brolin Corporation in 1994 and is responsible for managing Brolin Corporation’s overseas development operations. He formerly practiced medicine in Russia and Bulgaria. Served as Senior Hospital Administrator and as Chief Regional Expert in Bulgaria. In the U.S., Andrey founded AAP Engineering, a regional distributor and repair facility for computer products. He holds an M.D., First Medical University of St. Petersburg, Russia, a D.C., Los Angeles School of Chiropractic United States of America and a B.Sc. in Analog & Electrical Engineering, Polytechnic University of St. Petersburg, Russia.

Nicole Bakos has been employed by Diedre Moire Corporation since 1997 and directs Diedre Moire Corporation’s Data Warehousing and Professional Profile Harvesting operations in New Jersey. Nicole has contributed extensively to the development of several proprietary Internet data harvesting and data warehousing technologies and has one patent pending. She has a B.S. degree in Finance from Weber College, Babson Park, Florida.

About Brolin Corporation

Brolin was incorporated in 1994 and provides organizations a low cost resource for high quality software development through its offshore development operations in Bulgaria. The former Silicon Valley to the Soviet Union, Bulgaria has the second highest SAT scores in the world, is a politically stable country and most importantly offers highly skilled and experienced programmers at tremendous cost savings. Over the years, Brolin developed a huge proprietary library of highly specialized combinable software components which allow it to deliver sophisticated customized software solutions with speed and economy. Brolin has successfully developed a wide range of applications a variety of organizations including Bank of America, CB Richard Ellis, Fleet Bank, Jones Lang LaSalle, Platinum Software, Sempra, Siemans, Sun Microsystems, and Travelers Insurance. The company is headquartered in Irvine CA, USA. 

Brolin Contact: 
Brock Miller
Brolin Corporation
Tel: 949.595.8300 x 100

NonProfits Only Contact

Stephen M Reuning
Tel: 609.584.7747 Ext 202


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