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NNEMS Multiple Chapter Option

Posted on 11/27/2001

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NonProfits Only, Inc Announces NNEMS Multiple Chapter Option

Robbinsville, NJ -- Nov 27, 2001 -- NonProfits Only, Inc. announced new feature to its NNEMS system called 'Chapter and Parent Site Synchronization'. It allows multiple sites (ex. Chapters) to share data by placing all data in a single shared database and filtering access to the data based on a set of sharing rules. Example: Imagine a Programmers Trade Organization with Local Chapters in Sofia, Varna and Plovdiv. Each of these 3 chapters has their own site with their own local data such as members, events, etc. The Programmers Trade Organization also has a Parent/National Chapter that has it’s own site containing links to each of the Local Chapters. The Local Chapters may want to display data such as the National News, National Events, etc. within their respective sites, as well as to contain a link to the National Chapter. The National Chapter needs to have access to the members of all the Local Chapters so it can use them for Email Broadcasts, mailings, etc. Further, two of the Local Chapters may want to share all their documents with one another.

Supports up to 5 hierarchal levels --  “Grouping Levels”. E.g. an organization with 3 Grouping Levels may have Local Chapters as Level 1, State Chapters as Level 2 and a National Chapter as Level 3. Within each Grouping Level the organization may have multiple Chapters.

Each Chapter may have their own appearance and configuration options including choice of template, titles, colors, etc. just as if they were operating a separate website. Appearance and configuration data is never shared, only Content data is shared. The sharing of content data is optional and is granted by feature for each Chapter. Content can be shared on a viewing (read only) basis or on an ownership basis. Ownership grants specified Chapters the right to edit the shared data. Some tables can be categorized as common data and will be always be shared by all sites, i.e. common data is not owned by any one site.

Shared data is accessible from Site Administration within each of the Chapters that have been granted sharing rights. Activities that require writing of data, such as participation in a survey and registration for an event, are permitted from sharing Chapters, even though the Survey or Event ownership (creation and management) is not shared. Only the site owning the Surveys or Events will be able to view the survey results and registrants. In the case of Events, the fees for the event belongs to the Chapter the event was created within, hereafter called the “Primary Owner”, regardless if there is ownership sharing. I.e. all financial transactions always belong to the Primary Owner Chapter (site) the transaction is associated with.

Designed to support several hundred chapters within a single database. Some clients may need to implement the more sophisticated SQL Server version in order to support larger volume of data and traffic to maintain acceptable performance.

About Nonprofits Only, Inc., incorporated in 2001, is dedicated to providing products and services to nonprofit organizations. The company’s mission is to provide affordable web based solutions that help non-profit organizations operate more efficiently.  Its flagship product is NNEMS (NPO Nonprofits Enterprise Management System), a Web based system for managing and conducting the activities of non-profit organizations online. NNEMS is a powerful tool maintained and served by the company, and used by client organization members, volunteers, staff, and others through any Internet browser where ever they live, work or play.  NNEMS is totally customizable to each organization’s operating model without the need for programmers and consultants. brings the power of BIG to the little guys with one comprehensive user friendly system that volunteers, boards and staff love to use. Anyone with a browser and Internet connection can administer every activity of any association. Whether it be membership recruitment and retention; fund raising and sponsorship; government and public relations; development and maintenance of educational, networking and social programs; dissemination of news and information; or provision of access to relevant resources, using Nonprofit Enterprise Management System (NNEMS) makes it simple. The company is headquartered in Robbinsville, NJ.

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