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Posted on 12/28/2001

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NonProfits Only, Inc Announces NNEMS Resource Mini Browser

Robbinsville, NJ -- Dec 28, 2001 -- NonProfits Only, Inc. announced a new feature to its NNEMS system called The Resource Mini Browser. It allows NNEMS users to include a resource content section on the Home Page formatted and graphically enhanced lists and links to Resources. This feature is intended to provide the cluster look that is common on many sites portal sites.

If ‘Include Resources Mini Browser’ is checked in Greeting Management, then the system displays the Document Resources Mini Browser on Home page. Each site template dictates the actual layout of the Resource Mini Browser. When templates have enough space for two columns, the Resource Mini Browser will have two columns. For other templates such as the NPO template the Resources Mini Browser is displayed as a single column. The Resource Mini Browser presents in two styles, aligned and staggered. The aligned style lists the Resources from top to bottom whereas the staggered style lists them from left to right then to next row. Total length of Resources Mini Browser section needs to be dynamically determined by the system based on the resources marked for inclusion, depending on the Style chosen. The system display Topics in the order specified for each Topic in Topic Management. Within each Topic, the system displays the Resources in the order specified for each Resource in Resource Management. Images and Titles to link to the corresponding resource.

About Nonprofits Only, Inc., incorporated in 2001, is dedicated to providing products and services to nonprofit organizations. The company’s mission is to provide affordable web based solutions that help non-profit organizations operate more efficiently.  Its flagship product is NNEMS (NPO Nonprofits Enterprise Management System), a Web based system for managing and conducting the activities of non-profit organizations online. NNEMS is a powerful tool maintained and served by the company, and used by client organization members, volunteers, staff, and others through any Internet browser where ever they live, work or play.  NNEMS is totally customizable to each organization’s operating model without the need for programmers and consultants. brings the power of BIG to the little guys with one comprehensive user friendly system that volunteers, boards and staff love to use. Anyone with a browser and Internet connection can administer every activity of any association. Whether it be membership recruitment and retention; fund raising and sponsorship; government and public relations; development and maintenance of educational, networking and social programs; dissemination of news and information; or provision of access to relevant resources, using Nonprofit Enterprise Management System (NNEMS) makes it simple. The company is headquartered in Robbinsville, NJ.

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