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Posted on 4/19/2002


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NonProfits Only, Inc Announces NNEMS Publications Management Feature

Robbinsville, NJ -- Apr 19, 2002-- NonProfits Only, Inc. announced the addition of a highly sophisticated Publications Management feature to its NNEMS system. According to Stephen M. Reuning, the Company's CEO, "NNEMS now provides a publishing facility which fosters the regular publication of newsletters, releases, briefs, reviews, etc. with consistent format from issue to issue."  According to Brock Miller, the company's CTO, an unlimited number of custom Publication Templates may be created ahead of publication for printed format, HTML format and email text format publications. Multiple content and editorial contributors can participate simultaneously adding and updating content at their convenience until date of publication. Publications can be automatically broadcast to specified individuals, contact types or interest groups via email. Print format Publications can be merged with name and address data from the Contact Database for specified individuals, contact types or interest groups and printed on any remote users printer or saved to a digital file and brought to a digital printing service such as Staples, Sir Speedy, Kinkos, etc. for printing. Past publications may be displayed online in public or private archives based on type and topic.


  • Supports an unlimited number of user defined publication templates 
  • Email publications can be Text or HTML format. 
  • System generates printable versions formatted for two sided 8.5” X 11” or 11” X 17” paper sheets. 
  • Automatically creates publication archives separated by user defined type and sub-sorted by date. 
  • Archives as well as individual publications can be set to public or private. 
  • Multiple content and editorial contributors may participate simultaneously, adding and updating content at their convenience until date of publication. 
  • Publications are created, updated and managed remotely from any web browser. 
  • Automatically broadcasts publications to specified individuals, contact types or interest groups via email. 
  • Merges printed publications with name and address data from the Contact Database for custom mailings. 
  • HTML and Print Format templates include customizable color scheme setup, .gif or .jpg graphic header capability, side bars, automated contents creator, feature formatter, and advertisement form. 
  • Auto formats multiple columns.

About Nonprofits Only, Inc., incorporated in 2001, is dedicated to providing products and services to nonprofit organizations. The company’s mission is to provide affordable web based solutions that help non-profit organizations operate more efficiently.  Its flagship product is NNEMS (NPO Nonprofits Enterprise Management System), a Web based system for managing and conducting the activities of non-profit organizations online. NNEMS is a powerful tool maintained and served by the company, and used by client organization members, volunteers, staff, and others through any Internet browser where ever they live, work or play.  NNEMS is totally customizable to each organization’s operating model without the need for programmers and consultants. brings the power of BIG to the little guys with one comprehensive user friendly system that volunteers, boards and staff love to use. Anyone with a browser and Internet connection can administer every activity of any association. Whether it be membership recruitment and retention; fund raising and sponsorship; government and public relations; development and maintenance of educational, networking and social programs; dissemination of news and information; or provision of access to relevant resources, using Nonprofit Enterprise Management System (NNEMS) makes it simple. The company is headquartered in Robbinsville, NJ.

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