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PortalProdigy Enhances Survey & Request Management Features

Posted on 1/23/2011

PortalProdigy Enhances Survey & Request Management Features


Robbinsville, NJ – January 23, 2011 -  PortalProdigy has enhanced the popular Survey and Request Management Features.  These features are used to build and manage forms that can be used for questionnaires, surveys, testing, help requests, and just about any type of data capture. 


New features include:

  • Option to secure (encrypt) input forms.
  • Streamlined input for choice fields that allows bulk pasting of values from other sources.
  • New fields for capturing contact information including mailing, billing, and shipping addresses; social security number, etc.
  • New fields for capturing credit card information.
  • Automated scoring for questions.
  • Enumeration of fields.
  • Automated branching based on user response to question.
  • Automated assignment of security groups and contact types when creating contact record based on form input.
  • Send email notifications containing all or any portion of the captured data.

About Portal Prodigy, Inc.

Portal Prodigy, Inc., located in Robbinsville, NJ, is dedicated to providing products and services to small and medium businesses and nonprofit organizations. The company’s mission is to
Isolate the best website features, processes and practices on the Internet and roll them up into a uniform, easy to implement and reasonably priced operating platform so its customers can leverage the web without complications, without programming, without headaches and without changing the way they do business. The company’s philosophy is simple:


·  Build, maintain and constantly improve a feature rich system that is simple and easy to use.

·  Keep the customer involved in the development, improvement and support process so it meets their needs.

·  Preserve a fair and economical price.


·  Sell one complete system instead of a core with expensive add-on modules.

·  Build community.


Its flagship product comes complete and ready to go. No need to add modules. Just add personality and organizations are up and running instantly. Clients don’t even need to install expensive servers and bandwidth. Portal Prodigy runs the equipment for them. PortalProdigy makes Internet implementation simple, quick and easy.


Portal Prodigy Contact

Stephen M Reuning
Tel: 609.584.7747 Ext 202

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