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Portal Prodigy, Inc Announces Independent Value Added Partner Recruitment Program

Posted on 3/23/2005

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Portal Prodigy, Inc Announces Independent Value Added Partner Recruitment Program

Robbinsville, NJ – March 23, 2005 — Today, Portal Prodigy began a campaign to inform entrepreneurial Business Consultants, Website Developers and other related prospects of their opportunity to partner in the sales, distribution, support and development of its internet operating platform.

According to the company's website, for individuals who know how to sell to businesses or are already consulting to small and medium sized organizations, the independent value-added representative program can provide the chance to build a valuable book of business. The website indicates that Portal Prodigy provides the tools, training and support to become a respected Internet Business Consultant and Architect (IBCA).

The company's CEO, Stephen M. Reuning explained, "IBCAs sell the PortalProdigy Internet Operating Platform (PPIOP), provide valuable add-on services and enjoy high margins and recurring revenue. Its a great opportunity for the IBCAs and its a win-win for their customers. IBCAs make it quick, easy and economical for their customers to build powerful feature-rich websites that contend with their biggest competitors -- All without programming."

The IBCA Program - Portal Prodigy is promoting its Internet Operating Platform (PPIOP) throughout the small and medium sized business community and nonprofit arena. To accelerate this promotion, PortalProdigy is sharing an opportunity with a select group of individuals via its IBCA Program. "The program is an integral part of our company's growth and a lucrative opportunity to those chosen to participate. But our rationale for this program is more than increasing sales. By partnering with individuals and businesses that offer complementary expertise, we can combine our specialized skills to provide customers with a full service solution. And, provide our IBCAs with the ability to broaden their solutions with our product and by teaming with other IBCAs with complimentary skills and resources." stated Mr. Reuning.

The IBCA Program is designed for the entrepreneur, sales executive, IT professional, independent website developer, and business consultant. The program offers multiple recurring revenue streams and the chance to build a valuable business. The IBCA Program is designed for either a part-time or full time basis. The program is best for individuals that are self starters, service motivated, not afraid to make numerous contacts and are willing to build their own business.

The title, “Internet Business Consultant and Architect”, abbreviated as IBCA, encompasses specifically targeted value-added representatives capable of providing a particular set of implementation services in addition to selling PPIOP licenses. IBCAs provide PortalProdigy with sales relationships, experience, specialization, economies of scale and other advantages because they:

• Supply timely and accurate understanding of customer needs within the specific market niche where they are long-term experienced.

• As niche positioned solution providers, interface with prospects at the beginning of their shopping process afford the Company first product offer advantage.

• Provide customers with geographic proximity to Portal Prodigy.

• Increase support efficiency by serving as an interface between customers and the Portal Prodigy support team.

• Help develop and share marketing communications designed to inform and attract customers.

• Help the Company achieve differentiation based on their domains.

• Prospect, qualify, present, and reach final agreement on the price and other terms of the licensing transaction.

• Participate in cooperative advertising.

• Provide representation at trade shows and events.

• Provide independently or resell the Company’s implementation services such as website design, configuration, and content assimilation.

• Contribute to product improvement.

• Participate in Portal Prodigy’s self support community.

• Train users.

Portal Prodigy’s IBCA Program is intended to develop a community of trained specialists who are motivated to enthusiastically serve their customers with an outstanding product. The program promotes and serves individuals who bring prospect domain knowledge, selling access and support relationships.

Advantages for Value Added Partners - With the investment of only a few hours of their time, IBCAs can create customized websites for their customer with every one of the functions and features listed below – and lots more. 

Product Catalog
Online Shopping & Sales
Accept Payments
Fulfillment Management
Home page News Browser
Task Assignment & Management
Public Relations Management
Press Release Broadcasting
Help Desk & Technical Support
Email Campaign Broadcaster
Job Posting
Accept Job Applications
Customized Request Forms
Instantly Add Menus and Links
Quote Request Forms
Provide Access to Experts
Self-help Library
Membership Programs
Accept Donations
WYSIWYG Page Builder
Subscriptions System


Sell Downloads
Subscriber Based E-Zine
Marketing & Advertising
Instantly Add Home Page Mini-Browsers
Contact Management
Private & Public Discussion Forums
Tests & Interviews
Document Library
Publication Management
Newsletter System
Customer Service & Support
Self-Help Knowledgebase
Surveys & Questionnaires
Public & Private Contact Directories
Event Calendar & Registration
Product & Service Exchanges
Used Parts Exchange
Ability to Update Content Instantly
Instant Universal Site Template Change
Universal Color Scheme Palette

Custom website developers are quoting similar projects for tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars and their customers are waiting close to a year for completion. Portal Prodigy  Value Added Partners can do it for a fraction of the cost and have their customer’s site up in a day or so.

Unlike the typical custom developer’s end-product, Portal Prodigy IBCA's system will come with plenty of user friendly documentation, tutorials and online help – all for free! Mr. Reuning asked, "What could make customers happier?" IBCAs are excited because Portal Prodigy makes it easy for them to serve their customers and make a nice profit.

The company's website at provides the full IBCA program details and includes an online application.

About Portal Prodigy, Inc.

Portal Prodigy, Inc., located in Robbinsville, NJ, is dedicated to providing products and services to small and medium businesses and nonprofit organizations. Using Portal Prodigy's system, entrepreneurs and organization leaders can implement ALL their website strategies INSTANTLY, without programming and without delay. Ideas that used to take months and years to go from thought to operation are up and running within hours.

The company’s mission is to Isolate the best website features, processes and practices on the Internet and roll them up into a uniform, easy to implement and reasonably priced operating platform so its customers can leverage the web without complications, without programming, without headaches and without changing the way they do business.

The company’s philosophy is simple:  

· Build, maintain and constantly improve a feature rich system that is simple and easy to use.

· Keep the customer involved in the development, improvement and support process so it meets their needs.

· Preserve a fair and economical price.

· Sell one complete system instead of a core with expensive add-on modules.

· Build community. 
Its flagship product comes complete and ready to go. No need to add modules. Just add personality and organizations are up and running instantly. Clients don’t even need to install expensive servers and bandwidth. Portal Prodigy hosting partners run the equipment for them. PortalProdigy makes Internet implementation simple, quick and easy.  

Portal Prodigy Contact 

Stephen M Reuning
Tel: 609.584.7747 Ext 202


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