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How do I represent my business and our relationship to customers

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How do I represent my business and our relationship to customers?


You represent your business as itself. Your business would be an independent representative providing a comprehensive website solution. The PPIOP license agreement is between your customer and Portal Prodigy, Inc and the license agreement will reflect that. Your customer makes payment directly to Portal Prodigy, Inc. for the license unless otherwise arranged by special agreement.


You bill directly, under your company name, fees for add on services such as planning, training, implementation, configuration, content transfer and development, support, graphics and related third party product sales. You can provide these services independently, teamed with other IBCAs, or by reselling these services which you can sub-contract directly from PortalProdigy. Even with services sub-contracted from PortalProdigy, you bill the customer - Portal Prodigy will bill you.

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