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What’s so great about PortalProdigy’s product

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What’s so great about PortalProdigy’s product?


With the investment of only a few hours of your time, you can create a customized website for your customer with every one of the functions and features listed below – and lots more. What do you think they’d pay for that? 


Custom website developers are quoting similar projects for tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars and their customers are waiting close to a year for completion. You’ll do it for a fraction of the cost and have your customer’s site up in a day or so.


Unlike the typical custom developer’s end-product, your system will come with plenty of user friendly documentation, tutorials and online help – all for free! What could make customers happier?  You’ll be excited because we make it easy for you to serve your customers and you’ll make a nice profit.


Product Catalog
Online Shopping & Sales
Accept Payments
Fulfillment Management

Home page News Browser
Task Assignment & Management
Public Relations Management
Press Release Broadcasting
Help Desk & Technical Support
Email Campaign Broadcaster
Job Posting
Accept Job Applications
Customized Request Forms

Instantly Add Menus and Links
Quote Request Forms
Provide Access to Experts
Self-help Library
Membership Programs
Accept Donations
WYSIWYG Page Builder
Subscriptions System

Sell Downloads
Subscriber Based E-Zine
Marketing & Advertising

Instantly Add Home Page Mini-Browsers
Contact Management
Private & Public Discussion Forums
Tests & Interviews
Document Library
Publication Management
Newsletter System
Customer Service & Support
Self-Help Knowledgebase
Surveys & Questionnaires
Public & Private Contact Directories
Event Calendar & Registration
Product & Service Exchanges
Used Parts Exchange
Ability to Update Content Instantly
Instant Universal Site Template Change
Universal Color Scheme Pallette




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