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What is the IBCA program

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What is the IBCA program?   


We are promoting PPIOP throughout the small and medium sized business community and nonprofit arena. To accelerate this promotion, PortalProdigy is sharing an opportunity with a select group of individuals via our IBCA Program. This program is an integral part of our company's growth and a lucrative opportunity to those chosen to participate. But our rationale for this program is more than increasing sales. By partnering with individuals and businesses that offer complementary expertise, we can combine our specialized skills to provide customers with a full service solution. And, provide our IBCAs with the ability to broaden their solutions with our product and by teaming with other IBCAs with complimentary skills and resources.


Our title, “Internet Business Consultant and Architect”, abbreviated as IBCA, encompasses specifically targeted value-added representatives capable of providing a particular set of implementation services in addition to selling PPIOP licenses. IBCAs provide PortalProdigy with sales relationships, experience, specialization, economies of scale and other advantages because they:


• Supply timely and accurate understanding of customer needs within the specific market niche where they are long-term experienced.


• As niche positioned solution providers, interface with prospects at the beginning of their shopping process afford the Company first product offer advantage.


• Provide customers with geographic proximity to the Company.


• Increase support efficiency by serving as an interface between customers and the PortalProdigy support team.


• Help develop and share marketing communications designed to inform and attract customers.


• Help the Company achieve differentiation based on their domains.


• Prospect, qualify, present, and reach final agreement on the price and other terms of the licensing transaction.


• Participate in cooperative advertising.


• Provide representation at trade shows and events.


• Provide independently or resell the Company’s implementation services such as website design, configuration, and content assimilation.


• Contribute to product improvement.


• Participate in PortalProdigy’s self support community.


• Train users.


PortalProdigy’s IBCA Program is intended to develop a community of trained specialists who are motivated to enthusiastically serve their customers with our outstanding product. The program promotes and serves individuals who bring prospect domain knowledge, selling access and support relationships.


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