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What are the benefits to my business

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What are the benefits to my business?


 • No inventory (For representatives. Resellers receive discounts for advance purchase of licenses).


• Generous margins on license sales


• Commission on recurring annual license & upgrade renewals


• Built in up-sell opportunity for high margin implementation services.


• Minimal technical ability needed to sell and support product


• Customer lead referral starting immediately after successful completion of the PPIOP certification training


• Free online support for you and your customers


• Proposal generation assistance and friendly customer service reps.


• Marketing services, including sales kits and cross branding.


• Free web based sales and marketing tools and materials


• Participation in future development


• We will help you to configure, administer, and maintain your customers’ PPIOP websites. Working very closely with and supporting our IBCAs  keeps our IBCAs and their customers happy.


• Joint co-marketing opportunities including press releases, case studies and/or success stories

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