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Why would over 1

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Why would over 1.7 million small businesses in the USA need PPIOP? 


While most small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) have recognized the need for a website, their implementation has been limited to the creation of an electronic brochure accessing the bare minimum of the internet based business potential available to them. However, most SMEs are recognizing the need to improve their employment of internet functionality for several reasons: they’ve lost market share to early adopters and must counter with an internet strategy of their own; a significant and growing population of customers prefers to get information about products and place orders online; more staff and constituents are expecting to be able to conduct organizational activities and functions from home or field and access organizational data online at their convenience; and an expanding portion of the marketplace is judging the worthiness and credibility of organizations based on the functionality of their websites and their application of internet resources.


With the aforementioned factors in mind, most SMEs still resist advanced internet implementation because they are faced with several significant hurdles: they do not know what internet practices could and should be applied by their enterprises; the risks of advanced internet implementation and the normally associated software development are extremely high, execution is time consuming; and implementation costs are high. PortalProdigy’s Internet Operating Platform (PPIOP) resolves those challenges.


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