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How do I get started

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How do I get started?      


At PortalProdigy we are selective about who we allow to represent our company. We only seek reliable, honest hardworking self-starters. We’re looking for individuals that are not afraid to call on business owners many times each day. Like any venture, you’ll only get out of it what you put into it. Even if you want to market our products and services, there’s no guarantee we’ll accept you as a representative unless we believe you have the qualities mentioned above.


To get started, complete and submit the IBCA application.  For those accepted, PortalProdigy will provide an IBCA kit which includes the IBCA Handbook and other items you’ll need.


Once you’ve received the IBCA kit, your first step would be to read the training manual, write down any questions and then contact your IBCA Coach. Your IBCA Coach will be a specific individual at our corporate offices assigned to be your mentor.

Once accepted you'll be expected to:


• Endorse Portal Prodigy Inc. IBCA Program Agreement

• Complete IBCA training course.

• Show competency with PPIOP in a customer engagement

• Promote and recommend PPIOP to appropriate customers and prospects

• Provide Level 1 Support



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