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Features Management Menu in Detail
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Menu Topic Management page

 – Options section:

  • Menu Topic - a Topic is a heading that is displayed in the menu.  Menu Items are listed underneath Menu Topics.


  • Sort Order - allows you to control the order of the menu Topics.


  • Image – use to load an image such as a bullet.  The use of images is dependent on the menu style.  Most menu styles do not use images.


  • Menu Topic Options: select from one of the following:


    • Caption Only - used to display the Topic without making it a link to something.


    • URL - used when you want to manually specify a URL to link the Topic to.  The URL can be to another Website or to a page within your PORTALPRODIGY Website.  It is best to avoid the use of URLS as they are subject to change. You may enter the URL with our without the HTML://.


    • Option - used when you want to link the Topic to a PORTALPRODIGY feature.


    • Menu - used when you want to link the Topic to a menu created using the PORTALPRODIGY Menu Builder.


    • Administrative Option - used when you want to link the Topic to a PORTALPRODIGY Administrative option.  Includes Resource Documents.   The lookup feature allows you locate the item corresponding to the selected Administrative Option.


Option Buttons:


 used to save the data and continue working on the page.

 used to delete current record.  PORTALPRODIGY will prompt to confirm deletion of the record.  Select OK to confirm the deletion or CANCEL to abort the deletion.

 used to print the current page (contents of your browser window) according to your browser’s print settings. 

used to close the page discarding all entries and edits.

 used to close the page and save changes.  PORTALPRODIGY will prompts to save changes.  OK response saves changes, closes page, and returns to previous page.  CANCEL response discards all entries and edits (same as Cancel button).


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