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Newsletter Issue Selection

Clicking on a label in the Newsletter Types list accesses the Newsletters Selection Page for the selected Newsletter type.


A Newsletter Issue is a specific single publication identified by a title, volume number, issue number and date. A single issue may be comprised of one or more feature articles, sidebars and advertisements. Feature articles and advertisements may include images.


The Newsletter Issues Selection Page displays the Newsletter Type customization values and lists created issues below. Often Issues will be created well in advance of publication to provide anticipatory structure to production of Newsletters. Administrators can insert content as it becomes available or at their convenience.

Clicking on an Issues label such as Spring 2004 accesses the Newsletter Issue Component Page for the specific issue selected. Clicking on accesses the NewsLetter Issue Management Page which is used to start a new newsletter issue.


  • Newsletter Issue Name Field The Administrator enters the name of the issue in this field. For example, Spring 2003, or July 2004, or Annual Review 2004. The name entered into this field will appear in the list on the Newsletters Issue Selection list of the Administration portion of the website and the Newsletter Issues Selection list on the public portion of the website.


  • Increase Volume # Field If desired, the Administrator can begin a new volume by clicking the Yes radio button.


  • Date Text The date text is printed in the header of the newsletter on each page.


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