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Tickler/Notes - Task, Action and Prospect Organizer
Tickler/Notes - Task, Action and Prospect Organizer
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PortalProdigy provides for the attachment of notes, event triggers and task assignments to records within many of the systemís features. Special fields are provided within each note allowing for categorization by status, type, follow-up date, and delegation contacts so that they may become part of any assortment of planning, reminding, delegating and task organizing systems that can be quickly configured to each organizationís private PortalProdigy installation based on their preference. This feature can function as a prospecting tool, task assigner, escalation system, relationship manager and more. An unlimited number of notes can be related to any contacts and searched and sorted on an assortment of data types.


Tickler Notes feature benefits include:


  • Easily assign tasks to system users.


  • Maintains history of administration, customer support, prospecting and contact activities with specific individuals.


  • Create reminders and ToDoís.


  • Search for note records by contact name, company name, action taken, follow-up actions, status, prospect type, memo content, date range, creator and task assignee.


  • Create an unlimited number of notes for any contacts.


Some of the components of the Tickler Notes feature, discussed in detail in this chapter, are:


Search Page Fields

  • First Name Field
  • Last Name Field
  • Company Name Field
  • Contact City Field
  • Contact State Field
  • Contact Zip Code Field
  • Prospecting Type Field
  • Notes Field

Contact Date Range Fields

Contact Time Range Fields

Follow Up Date Range Fields

Follow Up Time Range Fields

Action Taken Field

Follow Up Action Field

Follow Up Completed Field

Follow Up Assigned To Field

Created Date Range Fields

Last Modified Date Range Fields

Created By Field

Last Modified By Field

Items Per Page Field

Tickler Noted Directory Link

The Search Button



This chapter presents a detailed examination of the Tickler Notes interface and its functionality.The Tickler Notes feature allows your organization to centrally manage prospecting activities.


5.1 The Visitor Experience

5.2 Components

5.3 Feature Administration

5.4 Tutorials

5.5 Special Situations

5.6 Troubleshooting

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