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Donations Feature in Detail
Donations Feature in Detail
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This chapter describes the Donations feature component in detail.  This feature allows your organization to accept online credit card donations.  It provides a simple easy to use donations entry form where contributors can specify the amount they wish to donate and provide payment information.  The feature supports PortalProdigy’s standard payment options including automated credit card authorization.  Donations are administered using PortalProdigy’s standard transaction and reporting features.


Benefits of the Donations feature include:

  • Zero cost source of revenue.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Credit cards can be automatically processed.
  • Contributor automatically tracked in contact database.
  • Easy to administer.
  • Automated tracking and donations reporting.

Some of the components, fields and settings of the Donations feature, discussed in detail in this chapter, are:


Donations Feature Management Page

Page Title


HTML Edit Icon

Confirmation Checkbox Label

Auto Broadcast Template

Administrator Notification Template

Administrative Notification Email

Browse Icon

Save button

Print button

Cancel button

Close button


Donation Entry

Your Name

Your Email Address

Your Address




Zip/Postal Code



Payment Type

Account Number

Card Verification Number

Help finding CV Number

Name on Card

Expiration Date

Cancel button

Submit button




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26.2 Components

26.3 Feature Administration

26.4 Tutorials

26.5 Special Situations

26.6 Troubleshooting

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