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Create and Launch a Call to Action

Create and Launch a Call to Action


  1. Read the chapter titled “Legislative & Regulatory Call to Action (LRCA) Feature in Detail” in the Administrative Manual.


  1. Load LRCA contacts. See tutorials titled “Load a Bulk List of LRCA Contacts” And “Individually Enter Legislative Regulatory and Judicial Contacts”.


  1. Activate the LRCA feature. See the tutorial titled “Activate the LRCA Feature”.


  1. Click on the LRCA add icon on the Site Administration Menu.


  1. Enter a LRCA title on the Legislative & Regulatory Calls to Action page.


  1. Enter into the LRCA Message field the message that will be sent to constituents and members to stir their action. For example:


The Governor has decided to double your taxes. If you enjoy spending your own money, the legislature needs to hear from you!


NOTE: The system will add a line to the bottom of your message when it is sent as follows:


Please click here to respond or get more information


The text will be hyperlinked back to the specific page on your website which addresses this LRCA Issue.


  1. Enter into the Respond Page Message field the text you want presented to LRCA recipients who click on the respond or get more information link in the LRCA message broadcast.


  1. Enter into the Suggest Phraseology suggested responses that respondents might use in their message to the legislative or regulatory contacts.


  1. Enter the LRCA Administrator’s email address into the Response Notification Email field. Each time the specific Call to Action is responded to, a notification email will be sent to that email address. The broadcast template used for this email notification is selected during LRCA Features activation.


  1. If desired, you may attach detailed and sophisticated documentation or a multi media presentation by attaching a More Information Document. This feature uses the Resource Document library Engine and more details can be learned in the chapter titled Document Feature in Detail. Documents or executable applications are accessed or triggered when the respondent clicks on the More Information link on the Respond To LRCA page.


  1. Instruct the system on which LRCA contacts should receive response messages by making selections on the Selection Criteria Form. Enter multiple combinations based on the Level, Government Branch, and Geography of LRCA contacts. See the section titled “Create and Launch a Call to Action” of  the chapter titled “Legislative & Regulatory Call to Action (LRCA) Feature in Detail” in the Administration Manual.


  1. Select the recipients of the Call to Action broadcast.


  1. Click on the Submit button