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Add a News Item

Add a News Item



  1. Read the chapter titled “News Features in Detail” in the Administration Manual


  1. Click on the News add icon on the Site Administration Menu page.


  1. Enter the title of the news article.


  1. Enter a brief description into the Description Field. It acts as a subtitle or lead comment on the visitor portion of the site.


  1. Choose how the news item will be displayed to a visitor by clicking TXT/HTML or Other radio Button


    1. TXT/HTML paste or type text into this field.




Type or paste  HTML code into the Text Field (very difficult way to create a news item).




Use the HTML Editor. See tutorial called “Using the HTML Editor”


    1. Click Other if you wish to add an independent document. You must then use the News Document Tools in the News Document Details tab section to import a document from your computer or lookup and attach a document from the resource library. See the tutorial titled “Add a Document, Resource, File or Page to the Website”.


  1. Set the Active Field to Yes.


  1. Set the expiration date after which the news item will no longer be displayed on the visitor (public) portion of the website. It does not delete the record but tags the record so it will be filtered from display.


  1. If your site uses topics to separate news article then select a topic.


  1. Set the level if your site uses multi site synchronization.


  1. Enter privacy settings.


  1. Click the Save button.